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A manuscript is any kind of book or document with handwritten text - especially from the time before the arrival of the printing press. 

On this website you can read about the production, use, and conservation of manuscripts. The website is dedicated to all those who are interested in the medieval books and texts of the North.


The timeline gives a chronological overview of the development of book culture in Europe and in the North from the 5th century until today.

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Digitised manuscripts

Turn the pages of the Jutlandish Law or of the Codex Runicus from around 1300. Parts of the text in the manuscripts have been transcribed to help you read them.

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Types of manuscripts

See examples of the various types of manuscripts - from law manuscripts and prayer books to saga manuscripts and diplomas.

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Illuminated Manuscripts

Illustrations in manuscripts are also called illuminations. They may be found in initials, small drawings (miniatures) and more.

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